Turn your early stage startup idea into a viable commercial venture with this self-paced program.

Welcome to PitchQuest®

PitchQuest® is an online education and coaching program that takes startup founders on a strategic journey from an early stage idea to a viable commercial venture that’s ready to pitch for investment.

Follow a structured, self-paced program of learning that provides focus on the core pillars of business planning, customer discovery and marketing planning, competitive advantage, financial projections, legal protection and strategic articulation of the problem, solution and opportunity to transform your idea into a viable commercial solution for investors.

PitchQuest® assists early stage startups to create a strategic and professional pitch deck that makes every slide count when pitching to investors.

The PitchQuest® program takes you through the process of creating and writing a flexible pitch deck, which easily adapts to the

three most common types;

  • A detailed presentation, which can be sent unaccompanied to prospective investors;

  • A presentation suited to verbal face-to-face pitches; and

  • A presentation suited to time-based competitions

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Sign up for your PitchQuest account and get started straight away! Download the mobile app to access your program on-the-go.



Work through each mission and complete the activities to build the content that will form your pitch. Make notes in your journal and share ideas for feedback.



Download the pre-designed PowerPoint templates and follow the instructions to add your content to each slide and make the design your own.




Work through the learning, tasks and worksheets at your own pace to develop your strategy and gain insight on what investors are looking for from your pitch.



Download and edit the

pre-designed, PowerPoint templates and build your pitch as you progress through each level. Keep and edit the templates for life!



Access your thinking and add notes to the in-built journal  on-the-go. Join PitchQuest, then download the MyQuest app from the App Store or Google Play and login!



The PitchQuest® Program has 14 levels, each divided into bite-sized missions to help you get the work done. Each mission provides learning content followed by a specific activity for you to complete. Activities vary from answering questions or completing the downloadable worksheets through to tasks that will take you off the platform and into the real world, such as visiting a lawyer or accountant; or conducting a customer research survey.


Be Prepared

In this first level, we'll introduce you to our pitch deck philosophy; you’ll set your investment objectives and build a pitch plan. You'll articulate your idea into an 'elevator pitch'; and we’ll cover the fundamentals of your business plan to ensure you have the upfront thinking underway.

Articulate The Problem

Ideas are great, and they become even better when they’re the solution to a BIG problem, especially if no one else has tried to fix it yet. You’ll discover how to identify and articulate the core problem you solve. By the end of this level, you’ll have articulated the problem clearly on one slide.

Get To Know Your Customer

Let’s get to know your customer better than they know themselves! Learn how to approach customer research and segmentation and build your customer personas. At the end of this level, you’ll create the first slide of your pitch deck – representing your target audience and their pain points.

Define The Opportunity

We’ll delve into your market research and define the true opportunity you are chasing. Investors will get excited about a qualified and quantified opportunity that demonstrates growth and scale. At the end of this level, you’ll pare down your research to create your market opportunity slide.

Sell The Solution

You’ll consider how to best showcase your solution. You'll separate what you are providing from why it’s important to your target customers. You’ll identify the core end benefits your customers will enjoy and know how to present your tech or service onto 2-3 slides.

Commercialise It!

With the opportunity, problem and solution clarified, it's time to make some money! We’ll work on articulating your business model and defining your distribution channels. All this pared down into one key slide!

Be A Legal Eagle!

We all know legal ‘stuff’ can be a bit dry and a bit complicated, unless you’re a lawyer, of course! In this short level, you’ll become aware of the legal considerations you need to have in relation to your pitch deck and you’ll develop two key slides that ensure these considerations are covered.

Demonstrate Traction

This is the key slide all investors want to see. Your idea is unique, your problem is qualified, your opportunity is big. Now you need to show investors that you can turn your idea into a viable business. We’ll give you all the knowledge and insights to demonstrate proof of concept.

Standout From The Crowd

Get to know your competition and develop a market positioning that stands you out from the crowd. Identify your advantages and show investors you bring a uniqueness to future-proof your concept. Bring in the best team and advisors and show them off on their very own slide!

Make It Famous!

Acquiring and retaining customers is key to success. You’ll explore your marketing objectives, strategies and tactics and determine how best to acquire and retain your prospective customers.

Do The Maths!

What will it cost to set up and run your business and how much will you make over what time period? Important questions that must be answered before you embark on writing your pitch. We’ll send you in the right direction to gather the numbers you need to get investors interested!

Make Your Pitch!

Every pitch should contain the actual pitch! What do you want from investors and what will they receive in return? In this level, we’ll take a look at 4 components; the ask, the offer, the exit and the use of funds. You’ll learn how to articulate these into your pitch deck.

Top & Tail It!

Like any good story, a pitch deck has a beginning, a middle and an end. In this level, we’ll focus on creating a compelling cover slide and teach you how to finish with a strong call to action!

Ready, Set, Pitch!

In the final level, we’ll help you review your pitch, rehearse and get ready to pitch to a room of investors. You’ll also receive our Pitch UX: a guide to creating a great user experience for your prospective investors!






Life-time access to PitchQuest with 1:1 virtual coaching support for the first month.



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3 months access to PitchQuest. No contract. Cancel any time.





Stevie V Brown is a Communications Specialist, Pitch Coach, CEO of PitchVest® and your PitchQuest® Mentor.


Stevie brings 20 years of pitching experience from the advertising industry combined with her business acumen, strategic thinking, and experience in understanding investors’ expectations having gone through the process of obtaining funding as co-founder of a food tech startup.

PitchVest® build effective pitch decks for you, and now PitchQuest® will help you build your own! Combined with our Pitch Performance Coaching service, Stevie helps you pitch to your prospective investors with confidence.


How does PitchQuest® work?

PitchQuest® is an online education program that provides startup founders with a system of strategic thinking, including the tools and templates required to create a pitch deck. The system is built from the Creator's own IP based on their process of creating a pitch deck. Throughout the PitchQuest® program, you’ll be trained on how to develop your pitch using the tools, frameworks and pre-designed templates provided; with each mission guiding your thinking as you develop your content. Unlike other online training programs, PitchQuest® is interactive and utilises gamification and neuro-linguistic programming techniques to offer a platform of learning that is not only easy to use, but fun! That's why we call it a Quest! You'll complete PitchQuest® feeling confident about pitching to investors.

Who is PitchQuest® for?

PitchQuest® is for you if…

  • You're an early stage startup and want to turn your idea into a viable commercial solution
  • You want to create a pitch presentation for the purposes of obtaining investment
  • Your business idea has a global vision
  • You intend to scale your startup business and create a global company with employees
  • You are creating a physical product, delivering a service through technology, or creating a new online community such as; a marketplace or content aggregator
  • Your idea solves a sizeable problem in the world and you know there is a demand for your solution
  • The market you will operate in is emerging or growing year-on-year
  • You are open and committed to learning and you recognise that you don’t know everything (yet!)
  • You want your startup to standout above the other startups you’ll be pitching against
  • You are ready and willing to put the work into the course and you are committed to creating a winning pitch deck

PitchQuest® is NOT for you if…

  • You’re setting up a drop shipping or reseller ecommerce business
  • You are signed up with an MLM company
  • Your idea relies on you delivering a service in person
  • You are in financial difficulty and looking for ways to get ‘fast cash’
  • You are interested in a ‘get rich quick’ scheme
  • You’re not open to learning or putting the work in to create a solid business plan and pitch

What does PitchQuest® include?

Everyone who joins PitchQuest® will get: - A structured program categorised by missions guiding you through the strategic thinking process to turn your early stage idea into a viable commercial solution - The essential principles of a business and marketing plan for your startup - Guidance and insights into investors’ expectations of your pitch - Frameworks and tools to help you with each mission - Pitch deck outlines for the most common types of pitches - Pre-designed PowerPoint templates to download and edit with your content PitchQuest® Premium users will also get: - Lifetime access to your PitchQuest account - Access to the "1:1 Coaching" messaging function, which enables you to ask questions directly to Stevie through the app to gain further guidance to help you prepare your pitch.

How do I join PitchQuest®?

You can join PitchQuest right now. Select one of the 'Join now' buttons to set up your account and select your payment option. Pay through PayPal using your PayPal account or Debit or Credit card for instant access. Once registered, download the 'MyQuest' app on your phone's app store and login to your account.

When is PitchQuest® starting?

PitchQuest® is an online self-paced program allowing you to determine your own start date, progress and goals. Once you start the program, if you miss a day or two, it's no problem, we'll send you a reminder to your mobile to get you back on track. Just turn on 'notifications' for the app.

How long will PitchQuest® take to complete?

With commitment, it's possible to complete the program and your pitch deck within 2 weeks. However, most people take a minimum of 3 months because they have other commitments inbetween and because there are other aspects of their startup that are evolving.

Why should I join PitchQuest®?

PitchQuest® is unique as it blends creative learning techniques with strategic frameworks and in-built encouragement and coaching from the Quest Mentor. You can also access other founders through the in-built Community Wall, enabling you to share your journey and request feedback from other startups on the program.

How much does PitchQuest® cost?

The basic access is $97USD every 3 months. You will be charged for a 3 month subscription when you join. You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to your account menu in the top right corner of your dashboard. If you cancel, you will still have access for 3 months from joining. The premium access is a one-time lifetime access fee of $149USD, which includes 1:1 coaching from Stevie through the platform for your first run through the program (3 month's support). If you repeat the program in future, you will not be able to access the 1:1 coaching function.

Does A PitchQuest® Pitch Deck Guarantee Investment?

A PitchQuest® user who follows the complete education course module-by-module, develops the thinking as instructed and creates a thoroughly concepted pitch deck will give themselves the best chance of securing investment. However, we make no warranty or guarantee of any kind that by using our products and services you will experience any specific level of earnings or that you will secure investment for your startup. There are many independent factors that determine whether a startup business succeeds in securing investment and in growing as a successful business, all of which vary from person to person and are outside of our control. By using our products and services you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for creating your own results. Our interpretation of “results” is completion of the PitchQuest® program and the creation of a finished pitch deck.

Will PitchQuest® Help Me Find & Secure An Investor?

We do not offer investment and we do not provide introductions or referrals to investors (including venture capitalists, banks, private investors or financial institutions). We cannot and do not offer direct financial advice, nor are we responsible for any financial decisions you make. As always, it is your sole responsibility to discuss the legality or financial soundness of any decision you make with an independent and qualified professional before making such a decision. We are not offering financial support, funding or a “get rich quick” scheme.

Can't I just Google "Pitch Deck Template" and get it for free?

It's true that there are lots of free pitch deck powerpoint templates on the internet, but there's a couple of problems. Firstly, they are generally badly designed and don't often have all the slide types that a standard pitch deck requires. Secondly, they are just powerpoint templates. They don't help you come up with the content to put on your slides, or tell you how to develop the upfront thinking in order to write your pitch deck. For example, how can you put a slide together showing a proof of your concept, such as; "83% surveyed said they would buy our product once it launches", if you haven't gone out to the market, met with your ideal target customer and done some research with them? If you know how to do that, go for it! If you're not sure, PitchQuest is for you! PitchQuest guides you through this thinking so you can do the work that comes before you sit down to create the pitch deck itself. And because we really want you to succeed, we also give you pre-designed, editable templates with instructions for how to create the slides.