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Pitching Your Startup At A Large Presentation


Learn How To Pitch Your Startup To Secure Investment Or Funding. Insights And Education On How To Craft an Effective Pitch, Network And Find Investors, Understand Types of Funding & Build Simple Strategies.

Read the best tips and explore the insights, examples and knowledge with 'how to' guides, frameworks and educational courses to become a startup pitching pro and secure funding for your startup.

Explore our 4 core categories of content from crafting an effective pitch to networking and finding investors to securing funding and understanding types of investors and their behaviors to startup strategies and foundations.

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Crafting an Effective Pitch

Learn how to craft an effective pitch. From market research to a value proposition and business model, what to include and how to pitch.


Networking & Finding Investors

Discover the many types of investors from angel or seed syndicates to venture capitalists, or private HNWs. Learn how to find them.

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Securing Funding & Investor Behavior

Understand investor behaviour and how to pitch effectively to different investor types to help you secure funding for your startup.

Casual Discussion

Startup Strategies
& Foundations

Conduct market, competitor and audience research and build the solution to a growing problem to establish successful foundations.

Want To Learn How To Write A Pitch Deck For Your Startup?

For DIY pitch templates and step-by-step guidance on how to build a pitch, join PitchQuest.
Take Our Step-by-Step Pitch Building Course


Our mobile app based program guides you through a structured learning program to elicit the strategic thinking to develop your pitch content. You'll receive guidance on what investors are looking for from a pitch deck and pre-designed PowerPoint slides for three different pitch deck formats that you can simply download and customise. Community interaction, a private ideas journal, frameworks, worksheets and more.


"Investors tell us that many of the pitches they see lack strategic thinking (a plan) and are poorly delivered. If that's the first impression your company makes, how can you expect investors to trust their money with you?"

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